Television is accessible to more than 85% of the population in the whole world. It is great medium of communicating with the customers. Radio is no less! With over 92% of Americans over the age of 12 tuning in at least once per week. So, why not use their popularity to our advantage? Did you know that over 60% of adults read a print version of a newspaper or a magazine at least once per week. That number rises to 72% if you’re interested in reaching adults over the age of 55. We master in conducting live and recorded interviews, talk shows and live on location on radio and television to reach out to the masses. Our services include:


  •  TV commercials: Commercials are mostly 10-20 seconds long information providers of your business. CBB makes the most out of this time and the range it covers is massive.
  • TV promos: Anything that appears on TV tends to get highlighted and if it is 40-60 seconds long then it leaves another impact altogether.
  • TV interviews: One-to-one interview with company heads can grab many eyeballs.
  • Talk shows: Talk shows are the latest trend in television world and you sure want to be a part of this very fast-engulfing trend. Let us in to help you with it.
  • Documentary: Documentaries have been an all time favorite and still have the charm to attract customers. Make full use of it with CBB.


  • Radio commercials and jingles: Old is Gold! This phrase applies for radio because it is old but one of the most popular ways of sharing information. Business advertisement done through radio has vast coverage and huge impact
  • Radio Interviews: Interviews on radio reach thousands and thousands of people all around the world, making your business a household name.
  • Talk-shows: Radio talk-shows are also conducted by us.
  • Live on location: Live on location chat is when the interviewer goes to the business location and publicizes about the whereabouts and facilities your business provides.


  • Newspaper media: Whatis the first and foremost thing everyone looks for every morning? Newspapers! It helps us a lot by keeping us up-to-date with news from all over the world. Imagine the impact it would leave if your business is advertised using this very media.
  • Product articles: Articles advertising the product are a big yes. CBB will publish crispy articles about your business.
  • News articles: News around your Business can help you reach new heights. Newspaper articles are published by CBB.
  • Interviews: Interviews and what not can be included. Guess who can help you with that? Yes, you are right, it is CBB.
  • Magazines: What’s your favorite pass-time when you are travelling in a 16-hours long flight, or, when you get stuck in a massive traffic jam? Magazines to our rescue! Magazine articles, ads and interviews gain a lot of publicity as it reaches some of the most influential people at times. Who wouldn’t want their business to get highlighted in front of people who can help them jump start their venture? Test CBB’s extraordinary talent in this context.