It can be scary to learn to drive for the first time. Cars whizzing by while you try to keep a firm hold on the steering wheel, understanding how to park so you don’t damage someone else’s vehicle, and balancing the gas and brake pedals are all things that might make a rookie driver uneasy.


You will feel a lot more at peace on the road if you have the correct tools to help you overcome your concerns. That is why it is critical to select the appropriate driver education program for you.

Know the Training Procedure

Training and teaching methods can have a significant impact. The best driving school in Calgary will assist you in more than just learning the rules of the road. They’ll also provide you with behind-the-wheel training to help you gain confidence and urge you to think for yourself. You’ll be able to deal with real-life situations and learn about modern driving strategies faster this way.


Your course should provide you with a proper driving course that includes exposure to cutting-edge technology. It is critical to select a course that provides practical instruction and support to students interested in pursuing a career as a driver. As a result, graduates will be more competitive in the employment market.

Duration of the course

Some people take longer to learn to drive a truck than others. This is why the duration of the training programme is important. There’s no use in spending time and money on a driving course if you’re not going to receive a lot of practice behind the wheel.


The more practical experience you have, the better. Look for a course with a high graduation rate and a welcoming learning atmosphere. That way, you may constantly observe and learn from other drivers.

Flexibility in course

The finest driving course for you is one that takes into account your hectic schedule. This includes having several office locations, a selection of instructors to pick from, and course schedules that accommodate a wide range of dates, hours, and locations to meet your needs. You may not be able to relocate from one site to another or mix Instructors and meeting locations at all driving schools.

Licensed Instructor

It is equally crucial to ensure that the instructor who trains you is competent. A Driver Training Instructor Licence, which is also provided by ICBC, shall be held by all driving instructors at your chosen course.


 In addition, driving instructors should have recently passed a criminal background check and undergo regular medical examinations.


Your driving school will certify you online when you complete a government-approved introductory driver education course. The Ministry of Transportation will update your student driver record to reflect that you have finished the course.


You’ll need your Driver’s Licence History to prove that you’ve finished the course. You can request it in person or by mail at any Service office. Only the licence holder has the ability to request a Driver’s Licence History.